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Friday Mar 26, 2021

The awaited released of Customer Experience 3 has finally arrived! TribeCX Regional Board Advisor Olivier Mourrieras speaks about the book, his insert on 'Drive Value or Get Yourself A New Job', and some practical tips on driving value within your CX team.
Customer Experience 3 is out now to buy from Amazon on Kindle and Paperback.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2020

Mark P. Mitchell, CX advisor at TribeCX with over 33 years on the frontline with American Airlines, provides his five CX tips for airlines and the travel industry as things start to get back to a 'new normal' post-covid.
Creating a new passenger experience, do they know what to expect? Remember, it's not just you putting your company through the review, your customers are doing it too. They are watching... Can you meet their expectations?

Tuesday Jun 30, 2020

CX leaders from TribeCX and Salesforce come together with former lead of Eon and Orange, Olivier Mourrieras, and former CX lead at Shell, Mark Harrison to discuss the practical CX actions you need to take now to not only survive, but thrive.
This webinar takes listeners on a journey from all sides of the spectrum, touching on sales, marketing, CX and brand.

Friday Jun 12, 2020

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Masterbrand, Billie Jo Timm, speaks to David Hicks at TribeCX on how Masterbrand are putting CX first in the current climate.
TribeCX delves deeper into how Masterbrand have transformed their CX with the help of customers, strong listening and utilising cross-functional teams, the 'Do Now', 'Do Next', 'Do Later' opportunities and how they are seeking feedback from their clients to do better with their CX.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2020

TribeCX speaks to Direct Line CMO, Mark Evans, on how the company is putting customers and using the bare essentials in light of Covid-19.
Mark Evans highlights Direct Line's CX priorities, what decisions they're making, and the outcomes and benefits to their customers.
From working agile, doing more with less, risk management and utilising their CX North Star and CX pillars, all have been vital in driving a positive CX experience.

Wednesday May 27, 2020

TribeCX launches the 'Bare Essentials' that CX leaders need to be focussing on with a podcast with Jill Herriott, VP CX at Transunion.
From how Transunion are doing more with less, responding and turning things around quickly, changing the way their working and taking risks in the current climate, Jill gives an insight into how their data is helping government and businesses globally in understanding the customer climate at this time.

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